Blocking on Twitter

Has anyone else noticed? I may be getting paranoid but this is not the first time its happened to me. I always check my new followers for the simple reason that some are not who I’d wish to ackowledge let alone converse with. I want my children to read my Tweets in the full knowledge that they need not be ashamed of me.

This last few times I’ve blocked the porn sites. Each time I do I always receive a message shortly after asking me “have you seen the nasty things they’re saying about you on this site” or “did you see the crazy things they’re saying about you on this site”.

They did catch me the first time, I’ll admit, and I was directed to a warning page that this site was very, very dodgy. The warning, of course, came from Twitter for which I’m very grateful. I contacted the name of the Twitter user and he explained that his site had been hacked and he apologised.

Is this a warning that we are all vulnerable to malicious hacking and to vengeful requests? Please be assured that you will never get a message from me in any of these formats!

Book Price

#writing  #fantasy novels My second novel, Plague Book Two of The Search, is now being printed. That’s the upside, the downside is it’s going to cost 50p more than my first, The Gateway, because it’s longer by 50 pages. This I can do nothing about except assure you that I have reduced the price to its lowest level. On Amazon and the others it will cost £11.49, on I think it will be £8.49. Believe it or not, my take on Amazon and the others will be 72p on each one sold. I’ll get a little more if you purchase it through

The size of the paperback is 6″ x 9″ and it is 556 pages long.

Nevertheless it is well worth the money. Here’s the original blurb for the back cover. I had to amend it slightly for it to fit the space.

And the God spoke:

‘The pestilence precedes you, let it not be wasted. Search for the key. Kill the boy!’

 The survivors of Sanctity flee on the Grim, leaving the body of Lord Tragen behind but, unknowingly, a shape-shifter and the plague travel with them. They make for Griffin Island where they will face revolt and the task of leading the islanders to safety.

In the Scissor Mountains, Ryn, magical albatross, once again sees his friends, Shadra and Anselm, captured. Betrayed by the liosalfar they face death. The Cragga watches hoping to use the bird for her own ends.

Meanwhile, in Southern Drakka, Chong-An, an overweight, oriental wizard, teams up with Elstan, another of the chancellor’s agents. They both flee the manic black sorcerers of the Guild of the Brethren of Wisdom. Chased through the mountains they take refuge in Mulkie’s Cross where they must locate a guide to take them through the Drikander. But the guide, Cledwyn, is about to be beheaded for heresy in front of the whole town.

In the Onyx Islands Leash is enslaved by pirates and he comes to an understanding with his own demon—the vampyrus.

In this second book I have brought in several more characters–all intrinsic to the search and, hopefully, all will meet up in the third instalment. I say “hopefully” for who knows where the story may lead. You will be able to read for yourself in a year’s time.

Meanwhile, I am going to take a few weeks off writing to concentrate on marketing, which is something I’ve done very little of since publishing the Gateway. Wish me luck!

Future publishing

I’ve been a little worried lately, that my decision to put the sequel to “The Gateway” to one side, was an error of judgement. I have found that leaving a draft for a few weeks and then going back to it later, always gave me a better insight to my writing.

I’d always intended to have the second book, with the working title of “The Plague”, ready by Easter. But my publisher,, sent out a general email asking for submissions to be in their hands by the end of February 2012.

My little heart turned over. I knew I’d never have the manuscript ready at such an early date, without rushing it and making an almighty mess of the story. So I emailed in reply asking their advice and, lo and behold, they are quite awilling to wait until I say the book is ready.

Thank God for small mercies and

Car crash

Ever had one of those days when everything starts wrong and then rapidly goes downhill?

In the early hours of this morning, I slid on black ice and crunched the back of my car. I telephoned the insurance company at nine o’clock only to be told that the shop was closed phone back tomorrow. I had to have a lift in to work and to home this evening. God knows when I’ll get the use of a courtesy car.

Nevertheless, it’s my youngest granddaughter’s first birthday today. She’s a lovely little smasher, I could eat her! Christmas next week, she’ll be spoilt rotten by us all.

Hello world!

Believe it or not, this is the third time I have attempted this. I keep forgetting to click update (at least I assume that’s what I’m supposed to do, I’ll soon find out)

This is my first blog as you’ve probably guessed and it petrifies me. Is everyone as confused as me when they start?

I thought I’d embark on this venture as another means to publicize my first fantasy novel. It’s entitled ‘The Gateway, Book One of The search’, and is on sale on-line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, W H Smith and Waterstones. The tale begins with the Grim, a five-masted wooden sailing ship, being blown off-course by a demon created storm. The ship and all its passengers are enticed to Sanctity, a tropical island of the Griffin Archipelago. Mayhem, spells going wrong for young heroes and heroines, friendships developing, romance blossoming and murder, all are in this book. Take a look you might enjoy it.

But to prove I am not entirely mercenary, although I think my wife may be, here is a photo of the latest light of my life. My new granddaughter, Constance Maria Helen.