#writing #fantasy novel Plague – Still waiting!

Well I’m back in the land of the living. Still got one helluva cough, a friend of mine assures me it will disappear eventually – he’s only had his now for six weeks!

“Plague” is still with the publishers, the cover is ready, not the innards. They’re playing hell with my nerves.

How about that break-in last night at Ed Miliband’s office? Could it be a Tory supporter looking for material that David Cameron can use against Labour? Doesn’t the PM realize all he’s got to mention is “Ed Miliband” and everyone breaks into tears of laughter. Dear God, the Labour Party are letting us down – it’s criminal. Get rid of the self-serving, traitorous brother and hail David’s return.

Today’s bit of trivia c/o wikipedia:

On this day in 1337 Edward, the Black Prince is invested as the first Duke of Cornwall – he must have been more of a man than the present one.

Jim Bridger, American frontiersman was born in 1804 and Nat King Cole, my father’s favourite singer, was born in 1919.

1946 Dai Li, Chinese spy, died. Sounds half Welsh to me!

Today’s joke c/o Squidoo:

An Englishman, a Frenchman and an American were captured by terrorists.
The terrorist leader said, “Before we shoot you, you will be allowed last words. Please let me know what you wish to talk about.”
The Englishman replied, “I wish to speak of loyalty and service to the crown.”
The Frenchman replied, “Since you are involved in a question of national purpose, national identity, and secession, I wish to talk about the history of constitutional process in France, special status, distinct society and uniqueness within diversity.”
The American replied, “Just shoot me before the Frenchman really starts.”

Once more, if I’ve offended I apologise.