There are advantages to short-term memory loss

A gripping read, thoroughly enjoyable.
A gripping read, thoroughly enjoyable.
I am 67 years of age and know all about this…I think…I’m not sure. Never mind at my age I’m entitled to forget a few things although I never forget my family..they never allow me to! My employer takes the michael out of me on occasion when I forget the names of lorry drivers, he forgets that I meet roughly sixty drivers a day and they’re not all the same ones…I don’t think so anyway.

Anyhow, I can recall events and people from years ago…very strange, mind you some of them were very odd. I was one of four graduates who passed from junior school to grammar school at the age of 11 and I’ll never forget how I was informed of the result of the examination. My form teacher stood up in front of the class of about forty of us and told everyone the names of the first three and then he came to me. I quote “and surprise upon surprise Philip Cook as also passed” unquote. I lived with that statement for the next five years as it was often thrown up at me in the playground by unfeeling fellow pupils. I often wonder if that statement was the cause of my late development for looking back on it I recall now what the teachers were trying to instill in me. Gawd! there was one maths teacher, my first in that school and his first appointment I believe, he couldn’t teach me x-squared. That truly was a horrendous time.

But enough of the negativity and let’s get back to the title. Can there possibly be an advantage to short-term memory loss? I mean apart from “forgetting” the wife’s birthday (it doesn’t damage your pocket quite as much as she always tells me never mind). Now, I’m a writer, at least I hope I’m not being presumptuous when I say it, an author of three books with a fourth on the way. However, I am an avid reader as is my wife. I cannot sit down and watch normal television, all these reality programmes drive me up the wall. I do, however, watch dvds…box sets of British TV detectives and British comedies, sorry America! I also watch and have a fine collection of fantasy films, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. But my true love is reading. Hence the picture above of the latest book I’ve read for the second time (and there will be a third).

And because I suffer short-term memory loss I can read and read again the same books over and over. Why? Because I’ve probably forgotten the plot from the first time around. It’s lovely reading and reading…and reading…it’s magic!

3 thoughts on “There are advantages to short-term memory loss

  1. That was an awful thing for your teacher to say. I’ve never bought into the whole ‘sticks and stones’ thing, because I think words can leave long-lasting wounds, more so than the physical ones that heal up.

    And I don’t blame you on the British comedies. I love your guys’ dry humor. I recently watched a British BBC and Irish crime drama on Netflix called ‘The Fall.’ Not humorous, of course, but it was so good I did not want to stop watching. Breezed through both seasons and can’t wait for the third.

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