A new cover for ‘The Gateway’

EPSON MFP imageThis is what I’ve been working on now for a few weeks. It suddenly dawned on me that the original cover of my first novel was boring. I was the only one to understand that the image was supposed to represent the gateway between life and death. I am, how can I put it, very naïve on times, I expect people to read my mind. Nevertheless, I have changed the cover to be more eye-catching and to point out more obviously that the story is about young wizards. I hope you like it, after all is said and done it is more colourful at least. Below is a depiction of what I have used for the back cover.

The front cover artwork is by: © Gow927 | Dreamstime.com and the back cover artwork (which I couldn’t resist) is by: © Nomadsoul1 | Dreamstime.com I also took the opportunity to correct some of the grammatical errors in the first edition and I added a glossary of sailing terms as some of my readers requested.


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