Choosing a photograph for advertising purposes

Gorsedd Stones…

As promised a few weeks back when I showed you the front cover of a bus timetable. Here are some other views of Aberdare Park in the Cynon Valley that might have been more appropriate. I took a walk through the place a couple of days ago bringing to mind memories of my youth with every step. Unfortunately it also brought to mind a fear that innocent people with a camera have of walking through a place used by young children in which to play. A terrible sign of the times. I consciously made a decision to avoid photographing the childrens' wonderful play area, where my own grandchildren always spend a magical few hours. Incidentally the roadway around the perimeter of the park is used on one weekend a year in the summer for the Aberdare Road Races, a meeting of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world. We also have another park just up the road from where I live, 'The Dare Valley Country Park'. I'll take a few photos of this later to show you.

And the last snap is a photograph of all that's left of my old school, the Clock Tower. I spent many an unhappy hour being tormented here. But it instilled in me the love of reading, so I suppose it couldn't have been that bad. However I still remember the school bully!

The Entrance 2

A Gift

The Bandstand

Boating Lake 2

Boating Lake

My School

4 thoughts on “Choosing a photograph for advertising purposes

    1. I’m waiting for the first copy of my second novel with the new glossy cover. At the same time I’m working on the second edition of my third novel, also with a new cover. Enough to be going on with you think, but then my wife falls and breaks her wrist and a bone in her foot! Now I have to nurse her instead of the other way around. Still it’s nice not to have her nagging me too much. And you?

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