I do like a Quickie

This is for those of you who like a dark knight or a knight in the dark. I don’t know about you but I find it increasingly difficult to sleep in the light in the day. Mind you, I cannot sleep in the dark of night if I see this dark knight in my dreams.Caerphilly Castle a lonely guard
Doesn’t he look wonderful? You’ll find him lurking at the foot of the stairs in the west tower of the Keep of Caerphilly Castle. He’s not very tall, about my height, however he’s a lot fitter than me. God, I don’t half ache sometimes (and it’s not always because of ‘er indoors).
Happy days.

3 thoughts on “I do like a Quickie

  1. Anxious to read your book set at the Blacksmith shop, Museum of Welsh Life.
    That was my great Grandfather’s (Thomas Davies) blacksmith shop, We visited the Museum and blacksmith shop in June 2000.

    1. He must have been a very interesting character! I hope you’ll lie the story, but you’ll have a wait yet. I hope to finish it around about Christmas.
      Thank you for your interest, Phil

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