The largest castle in Wales

Caerphilly Castle 163I’ve just added a new page to my blog – Caerphilly Castle. To give you a taste of what it looks like I’ve inserted several photos of the scenes which took my breath away. This monument is sited in the middle of the town of Caerphilly, or should I say the town grew around it. Whatever, it is only fifteen miles from where I live and, unlike the tower at Pisa, this castle’s leaning tower was not meant to survive when the castle was neglected during the three centuries prior to the Civil War of 1642. Some say the castle was finally destroyed in that war but nobody can state for definite whether the royalists or the parliamentarians were responsible.
On a lighter note, in a previous post I showed you the garrison’s communal toilet. I hope it brought a smile to your face as it did mine.
Again, on a lighter note, let me conclude with this c/o
Welsh Names
Some names from Wales:
(i) The man with only two teeth left and those in the front of his mouth – Dai central eating.
(ii) Cardiff strip club owner – Aaron the G string.
(iii) The village gossip you can never get rid of: Mrs. Jones thestaymaker.
(iv) After H.G. Wells discovered that Oliver Cromwell’s real name was Williams and that his ancestors came from Margam, he always referred to the great man as “Williams-the-conqueror”.
(v) The local chiropodist – Williams the corn-curer.
(vi) A Welsh physicist – Dai-atomic.
(vii) A reckless risk-taker – Huw ap Hazard.
Any errors are mine!

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