Imagine Dragons



Am I the oldest fan at 65 yrs Las Vegas band ‘Imagine Dragons’ has? My oldest grandson (23 yrs and just off to Uni to do Computer Science) drove me to work the other night. In his car he had his MP3 plugged in as usual and it was playing their album ‘Night Visions’. Now, as a man who has Classic FM as default on his own radio you can imagine my face when he asked me to listen to this. And what a surprise! I thoroughly enjoyed it, even my feet were tapping. Mind you I am also a great fan of The Stereophonics a band formed two miles from where I live in Aberdare. Nathan did look askance when I suggested he buy the album for me. I didn’t know if he was surprised that I liked it or upset because I asked him to buy it.

And talking of dragons I couldn’t resist adding these graphics from the poster advertizing my novels.

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