Giving up writing? published the third and final novel of my trilogy ‘The Search’ on 29 April 2013. I vowed that from that date I would cease writing and concentrate on marketing the trilogy, something I have only played with over these last couple of years.

It was like wrenching my right arm from its socket!

I have been writing for nine years. It has taken up most of my spare time. Making a decision to not write meant I was saying goodbye to a large part of my life when there was absolutely no need. I love writing. I cannot not write.

So I’ve started another book. No idea yet where the story will lead me but boy am I looking forward to the journey!

One thought on “Giving up writing?

  1. I keep saying I will write no more and then a storyline comes into my head and I just have to write… the adventure of where it might take me becomes a drug you’ve just got to have…

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