#writing #fantasy novel Plague Revising a revision

Earlier this week I received the first copy of my novel “Plague”. After waiting far longer than normal I discovered it was because of a mistake on my part. Rushing to get it published I forgot to setup the pages correctly. I don’t know what the printers think of me, I dread to ask. But I’ve now been given a second chance to revise the format and correct grammatical errors. It’s surprising what sticks out a mile when you have the actual manuscript printed in book form. And surprisingly easy to proofread. I’m halfway through checking the text and should be re-submitting it next weekend. By my reckoning the book should be published in about six weeks. This is what it looks like. I think it’s eye-catching. For those who have read my first novel, “The Gateway”, may I remind them that it was the introduction, the lead up if you like, to this. There is far more going on in this with new characters being introduced. For those who were getting seasick in my first you’ll be pleased to know that most of the action is on dry land on Griffin Island and the mainland country of Drakka.

On other more mundane topics, well done to Ed Miliband for losing the safe Labour seat of Bradford (or is it Blackburn, I’ll have to ask George Galloway).

Well done to George Osborne for giving me a tax cut of £1 per week and taking £12 per week off me in tax credits. Much appreciated George, I’m glad we’re all in it together. Can I have a share of your own personal tax cut?

Today’s trivia c/o http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8_April

In 1820 the Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Melos. In 1904 Longacre Square in Manhattan is renamed Times Square after the New York Times.

In 1892 Mary Pickford, Canadian actress, is born – I always thought she was American. And in 1944 Hywel Bennett, Welsh actor, is born.

On this day in 1848 Gaetano Donizetti, Italian composer, dies. In 1981 Omar Bradly, U.S. general, dies.

Today’s tongue-in-cheek c/o http://www.squidoo.com/welsh-jokes

Three men are sitting in the maternity ward. One is an Englishman, one a Welshman and the other a Jamaican.

Suddenly the doctor comes and says, ‘Gentlemen your wives have all had little boys. However in the confusion we may have mixed up the babies. Could you come to the nursey to help us identify them?’

The Welshman ran to the nursery and picked up a dark-skinned baby with dreadlocks. ‘This baby is mine.’

‘But this baby looks Jamaican,’ said the doctor.

‘True,’ said the Welshman, ‘but there is a fifty-fifty chance that one of the others is English. I’m not taking the risk!’

Once again no offence intended.

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