#writing #fantasy novel Plague. Killing off a hero or a villain?

I heard from my publisher yesterday, “Plague, Book Two of The Search” has been published though I have to check the first issue. I’m still on pins, has something gone wrong? Has the layout not printed correctly? I know the cover’s all right I’ve seen it. But why is my stomach churning?

I have commenced book three, the working title is “Endings”. Whether the story will end in this I do not know. That’s the joy of writing, put in a word, add an unexpected word and before you know it you’re in a completely new world or set of circumstances. Should I kill off one of the heroes or a villain? Bernard Cornwell was always sorry that he’d killed off Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill, Sharpe would have been in far more danger if he hadn’t. And talking about Bernard Cornwell – there is one man who really knew how to write a battle scene, absolutely magnificent. I’ve just parted with all his Sharpe novels. I gave them to my son-in-law, I was desperate, there was no more room on my bookshelves for my reference library. But at least they’re still in the family. I’ve retained all Cornwell’s others. However, someone has my complete set of Sharpe dvds, I’m going nuts with everyone!

Today’s trivia c/o wikipedia:

On this day in 1837 Canada gives African-Canadians the right to vote.

Also on this day in 1958 Elvis Presley is drafted into the American army.

In 1874 Harry Houdini is born and in 1969 Houston, American pornographic actress!

Jules Verne died in 1905 and Richard Widmark in 2008.

Today’s bit of humour c/o Squidoo:

A good-looking horse         

An Englishman was walking down the street in Llandudno when he met Dai Davies standing beside a big strong horse.
“How much do you want for this horse?” asked the Englishman.
Dai Davies answered, “This horse doesn’t look good these days.”
The Englishman said, “I’ve been trading horses all my life and there’s nothing a country boy like you can tell me about them. Just name your price and let me be the judge of what’s good-looking and what’s not.”
“Two thousand pounds,” said Dai.
“Deal,” said the Englishman and bought the horse. When he was leading the horse, it walked right into a lamppost. The Englishman ran back to Dai and shouted,
“You didn’t tell me this horse was blind!”
Dai said, “But I told you this horse didn’t look good.”

Bye for now.

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