Twitter Blocking 2

Hello friends! I’m back in the land of the living although the damned virus is as well. I’ve a feeling it’s going to take weeks to leave me completely.

I’m still having a problem with the “nasty things being said about me” tweets. I’ve decided to send a direct message to the site that’s been hacked informing them of their problem. I’ll do this on one occasion in case they don’t know. I will then ignore all others including desisting in blocking the porn-sites lead-ins. After all it’s the porn-site owners that are pursuing this malicious course of action, not the stars themselves. I wonder what they do on their days off? I wonder if they read fantasy books? The clean type that is!

Still awaiting the first copy of Plague, my second novel, so that I can begin the serious business of marketing both. Not that I’m expecting to be a millionaire quite yet. My kids will be though in a few years if Warner Bros get off their backsides. What has surprised me, though, is the withdrawal symptoms I’m suffering in not beginning the third book. The storyline is continually in my head, different scenarios being bisected, dissected, arguments begun and different ways to resolve them. In other words, I’m doing a lot of staring into space. I’m sure my wife thinks I’m vacant on times.

Whilst feeling very sorry for myself over the last two days, I did manage to spend about fifteen minutes a day on the laptop. I couldn’t spend more, my head was thrumming something awful and I was suffering double vision. But I did find a wonderful little website dedicated to making good-hearted fun of us welsh Try it! As I do with Wikipedia I intend taking at least one sample a day and posting it here.

Here’s the first: What do you call a welshman with lots and lots of girlfriends? A shepherd! Slightly risqué but what the hell.

And now to the trivia:

On this day in 1836 Samuel Colt makes the first mass-produced revolver – the .34 caliber.

In 1960, Cuban photographer, Alberto Korda, takes his iconic photograph of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara.

I’m sorry, I’ve got to include this one. On this day in 1936, Canaan Banana, the first President of Zimbabwe, is born (dies in 2003). Now do you believe that name?

John Adams, British mutineer, dies in 1829.

And the most famous of all those to die on this date – Joseph Stalin in 1953.

That’s all, friends, for today.

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