Birthdays – official and unofficial

I have both, like HM the Queen! Although I must point out that’s all we have in common. I have no blue blood, I’ve checked, and I do not enunciate my words as she does. Nevertheless, I cannot understand why, after all this time, we don’t celebrate her birthday on her birthday. Still, I suppose the upper class know what their doing, we working class must keep our place.

Back in the fifties and sixties, if someone required a copy of their birth certificate they only need ask their family doctor. He supplied my family on many occasions with a “short” birth certificate showing the date of birth. I did have one showing my correct birth date as the 6th July 1948. But the registrar at the time must have had terrible handwriting. When I enlisted in the senior service, the Royal Navy in 1965, I needed a long birth certificate. So I sent to Somerset House for the document and, lo and behold, it stated I was born on the 8th July 1948. Now I have a twin sister born at 9.10am on  the 6th, ten minutes after me. Her birth certificate shows the 6th. I’ve been done of two days pension! I suppose I could contest this but what’s the point — the government need all the money they can get from us.

Perhaps I’m feeling a little jaded this evening. I am still suffering man flu and the after-effects of having a molar extracted. I have a hole four-feet deep in my gum — at least it feels like it.

But lets get down to the serious business. From Wikipedia today, St David’s Day in Wales.

This day in 1803, Ohio becomes the 17th US State.

In 1946, the Bank of England is nationalised (did it do any good?).

In 1941, Joo Hyun, South Korean actor is born – I didn’t know they had any.

and last but by no means least, in 1938 Gabriele D’Annunzio, Italian writer, war hero and politician, died. See the Italians do have war heroes, Wikipedia says so.

And if anyone is offended, please forgive me, I’m not well!


One thought on “Birthdays – official and unofficial

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