A terrible day

Awake all night, spondylitis flared up something awful. My head is all bunged up this morning with a cold. And on top of all this I’ve to have a molar extracted this afternoon. I’m feeling very sorry for myself.

News from my publisher, I should have my new book, Plague, in my lily-white hands within the week. Can’t wait. But that’s when the real work begins on marketing both books. I hope I’ll receive your support, I’ll need it.

For today’s poke into the past (it seems to be becoming a regular thing, still I like it) I’m going to mention Hattie McDaniel. On this day in 1940 she became the first African-American to win an Academy Award for her role in Gone With the Wind, she played Mammy.

Jimmy Dorsey, american band leader was born in 1904, the same year as my father. And also on this day, dear old Pat Garrett, american gunslinger, died in 1908.

A bit of trivia to lighten the day, I do like wikipedia!

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