I’ve just fini…

I’ve just finished my day job. Arriving home I immediately signed into my publishers’ website for news of my book “Plague”. Though why I bother I don’t know, they’ll email when it’s ready. But I’m waiting to hold the book in my hand. A nerve-wracking time.

The plans I’ve set up for marketing require a photograph of the cover of the book. Until I get that I’m walking the boards.

I’m also looking at trivia on wikipedia.

Did you know that the first Vaudeville Theatre opened in Boston, Massachusetts on this date in 1883. One of my favourite actors, Stanley Baker, a welshman, was born this day in 1928, sadly he passed away in 1976. And talking of the passing of classic actors, Jane Russell died this day in 2011.

Hopefully I should receive a few photographs of my home town this week. I want to upload them onto my personal history page so that all can see the place of my roots.

I’m now going back to biting my nails and waiting – not so patiently!

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