Blocking on Twitter

Has anyone else noticed? I may be getting paranoid but this is not the first time its happened to me. I always check my new followers for the simple reason that some are not who I’d wish to ackowledge let alone converse with. I want my children to read my Tweets in the full knowledge that they need not be ashamed of me.

This last few times I’ve blocked the porn sites. Each time I do I always receive a message shortly after asking me “have you seen the nasty things they’re saying about you on this site” or “did you see the crazy things they’re saying about you on this site”.

They did catch me the first time, I’ll admit, and I was directed to a warning page that this site was very, very dodgy. The warning, of course, came from Twitter for which I’m very grateful. I contacted the name of the Twitter user and he explained that his site had been hacked and he apologised.

Is this a warning that we are all vulnerable to malicious hacking and to vengeful requests? Please be assured that you will never get a message from me in any of these formats!

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