This hobby I have of writing can be a right pain in the backside when it comes to publishing. I was turned down umpteen times until I came across the website I am now self-published with funding from the Arts Council.Some writers say that self-publishing is just an ego trip, let me disabuse them of this, at least in my case.

I want my books purchased and read by anyone, even my critics. My novels are now out in the market place making money, not just taking up space in my laptop.

The key to measuring your financial success is, of course, the number of copies that are sold. And for that patience is required. Very few novelists are overnight successes. It can take years. But hopefully my children will see the fruits of my labour.

There is another form of success which critics would say confirms their belief that self-publishing is an ego trip. I worked long and hard on my novels, sweated blood in places, especially in the battle scenes. But the satisfaction of actually seeing my words in print is enormous, nonetheless, also very scary.

But if a writer cannot take criticism, assess well-meaning advice and ignore the malicious, then he should not submit his work for the world to see. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I hope this shows in my stories.

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