My second novel, Plague, the sequel to “The Gateway”, I believe I may have completed. I say may because I have spent two years writing it and am now afraid to leave it.

Someone once told me that a painter of portraits can ruin his/her work by not knowing when to stop. I assume it is the same for writers of whatever genre. I look back on my first novel and see so many ways I could have improved it grammatically that I want to read, examine, study…you name it, my second.

Four or five times I have swapped around the first four chapters, not knowing which to begin the novel. Should I start where I left off in “The Gateway”? Or should I begin with the new characters I’ve introduced in “Plague”? I compromised and decided on neither. I began this book with a scene from the sacrificial chamber detailing the aftermath of the Darkness’ breakthrough.

For those of you interested I have uploaded the first 7,000 words on to the peer review site You might have to join but it’s free and they don’t annoy you with unwanted emails. These are the publishers of my first novel…wonderful people! If you do decide to have a look, input “The Plague Book Two of The Search” in the relevant search box, that should find it. Thank you for your time.

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