Building this blog

For those of you have missed my cutting remarks re: UKPolitics, I am about to disappoint you this evening.

I’ve just spent all afternoon uploading old photographs on to my laptop and am now preparing them to insert into my pages. If nothing else, it should relieve the boredom of plain prose. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you a clearer insight into the way I was brought up. For my background led to me writing my books. I’ve planned three, the second should be ready for publication by Easter. If it isn’t I have been threatened with having my legs chopped from under me. It’s nice to have a few fans anyway. Warner Bros had better contact me before long or I’ll be giving Paramount a chance!

Still, it’s time that is beating me, slowing me up. I wish I didn’t have a full-time job, it interferes with my writing, but does help me, and she who must be obeyed, to live. I’ve added a little to “My Early Days”, rounding it off so that it makes better sense. But what I have to watch is that it doesn’t turn into a full blown book on my childhood. Looking at the photographs today brought back so many memories I almost believe it could make a book. But that’s for the future. I’m thoroughly absorbed in my trilogy for a while and enjoying it immensely.

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