Nick Clegg

Dear Nick

What is it like to be famous for being the only man in politics to devastate his own party for personal greed. We all know you will lose seats dramatically at the next election (including your own). So how are you going to get your EU Commissioner post when this government falls? You’ve killed off your party’s chances in this country and you’ve also done for it in Europe.

So you have only one option. Cling to power – forget any remaining principles you hold (that’s if you have any) and pray to your master, David Cameron. You know, he’s the one Sarkozy snubbed when he walked past him at the end of the summit. Cameron’s the only one who can help you now.

And what an example to follow! Another leader to wreck his party’s chances by giving in to the fascists on his own backbenches.

I wish I could give you my sympathy but that’s already assigned to the Labour Party who, alas, have the wrong brother in charge.

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