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EPSON MFP imageI have been asked by many people if they can purchase my novels on cd, therefore I need to create an audio copy of this book. But there is so much confusing detail on-line can anyone advise me?

qrcode.30006144I created this QR code (or rather http://www.qrstuff.com/ did it for me) all in under one second. Clever stuff qrstuff. Scan this code with your QR scanner and it takes you right to this my blog/website. It will, of course, be used to advertise my novels when I get it printed on posters and flyers.

:-( Can anyone explain the method used by Twitter to count followers? Since I reached the magic figure of 2,000 my followers have decreased despite being notified by email that I have had at least another hundred followers. Perhaps Twitter admin doesn’t like me!

ICK Cover 2ndAt last I’ve chosen the new cover. I hope you like it. This is the link to its spot in Amazon although the paperback cover shown won’t change until next week – the Kindle copy has.



I don’t know why this didn’t appear on my first post!

© Fotokostic | Dreamstime.com – Dragon Rider Photo



img085This is the old one! A bit boring, hey?

Plague for free

EPSON MFP imagePlague is free on Kindle for the next 5 days. Enjoy! (and this is NOT Johnny Depp).

c/o dreamstime.com Castle of Mantovar

c/o dreamstime.com
Castle of Mantovar

c/o dreamstime.com Is he a nice guy or a bad one? You'll have to read the trilogy to find out.

c/o dreamstime.com
Is he a nice guy or a bad one? You’ll have to read the trilogy to find out.

Just playing about I, with the help of you tube video creator, came up with a short (very short) video of my three books. Nobody was more surprised than me when it came out looking like this!  see it at https://youtu.be/3dInq2xaDgg It is entitled ‘fantasy trilogy the search’.


For those who may be interested in fantasy novels I have placed my first novel free on Kindle. Enjoy on me.



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